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Claims Management

Cargo movement wheather by land air and sea transportation can never be without variety of claims betweeen the party's especially when there are international movement of goods involved. Thus great deal of expertise is needed to manage the disputes and claims between the party's or insurance company as loss and / or damage can occur during transit at any stage of the shipment.

Effective arrangements for insurance of goods and capablity to process a claim are essential tools of logistics business.

Navchart logistics as  division of Navchart Maritime  is proud that the company has unmatched expertise in dealing with such eventualities. The promotors of the company are arbitrator themselves. Also are a permanent member of INDIAN COUNCIL OF ARBITRATION and on ICA panel of maritime arbitrators.

We ensure our clients are given full support and high degree of comfort while engaging in transportation of goods as claims management services are rarely found from our competetors.