Company dedicated to Claims Management ,Ship Broking and Logistics services


Our services shall include the following

1) Claims Management/ Dispute redressal

If you were to get involved in Arbitration/ Mediation/ Conciliation/ Court Litigation then we can provide our services to manage the litigation in Jurisdictions like London/ Singapore/ Hong Kong/ South Africa/ USA/ India. We can also provide expert witness statement related to your claim. Due to our varied experience we can recommend to you well tested and highly competent Lawyers and Counsel to represent you in the above mentioned Jurisdictions. This is an extremely crucial choice to make as getting in the wrong hands can cost you and your business significantly.

It would be worth adding that Lawyers are no substitute for the services that we intend to offer to our clients on daily basis with 24/7 support. Moreover despite having the services of the Lawyer at your disposal in any Litigation, your own input to the particular case (which is where we come in) is the key to success of your claim. Unlike Lawyers who act purely with Legal perspective, our approach is a combination of our expertise in ship management/ ship operation within legal perspective. We intend to stand by our client right from formation of the contract till its successful execution and our aim is to ensure that our clients are protected from any exposure to claims and disputes.

2) Ship Broking services

  • Dry cargo chartering
  • Ship sale and purchase

Though the market may be flooded with Ship Brokers but the question is that are they competent enough to assist you when your business runs in difficulty. As most of them are only performing the job of a postman passing messages between the parties with no contribution of their own when it comes to resolving disputes between the parties.

Most brokers are operating only on basis of their knowledge of brokering procedure and their PR with the clients. Majority of them lack the required negotiation skills hence are unable to offer convincing argument to support their negotiations duly supported by technical and operational knowledge about the relevant voyage.

The scope of Navchart Ship Broking services will extend much beyond what is offered by these brokers. In view of above Capt Anil has decided to offer Ship Broking services wherein the company will provide full support for claims managament and dispute redressal for free for the fixtures done through Navchart. The guaranteed comfort that client shall get will be unmatched in the shipping business.Similarly sale and purchase of ships require sound technical and operational knowledge of ships for a proper quality ship broking service. The disputes in S & P are usually of a significantly high value hence the competency of the broker plays a crucial role.

The Consultancy/ Advise/ Management Services will be available on annual retainership basis at very economical rates. We assure you that this shall not put any additional financial burden on you. Alternately these services shall be free for those who fixed their relevant cargo or relevant ship through NAVCHART as their shipbroker.

3) Consultancy

4) Ship Finance

5) Ship Management :

  • Technical Management
  • Commercial Management
  • Crew Management

​6 ) Container booking

Contact us for container booking for worldwide import & export of cargo at the most economical rates. Door- to- door delivery.

7)  Management of Time chartered vessel

Managing time chartered vessels on behalf of charterers is our expertise. We ensure that the vessel is operated in a manner as has been agreed in the charter party.  Our intention is to economize the voyage for  the benefit of the charterers and ensure that expenses are kept under control as estimated so that the charterer’s profits are in line with their expectations. More importantly, we take all precautionary steps to avoid any unwarranted actions which may result in any kind of dispute. Cargo loading/unloading operations are diligently performed protecting the charterer’s rights and fulfilling their obligation to load/stow/discharge under the supervision of the Master. We ensure that bunker Management w.r.t quality/quantity/consumption etc. is monitored closely and bunkers are supplied through reputed Bunker Suppliers only at the most competitive rates. If required, we can also provide assistance to charterers for obtaining P &I insurance cover with IG club or others.

8) Voyage Charter Management

 We specialize in cost effective management of voyage chartered vessels by ensuring that vessel performance is controlled in order to obtain voyage results that are close to the charterer’s voyage estimate and Charterer’s rights and obligations as per C/P are complied with.  Specifically our intention is to avoid any possibility of cargo quality claim and ensure demurrage/dispatch calculations are dispute less. If required, we can also provide assistance to charterers for obtaining P &I insurance cover with IG club or others.